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Welcome to International Islamic College!

International Islamic College or in short, IIC, was established in the year 2000 as a private higher education institution. It is owned by International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), as a gateway to knowledge and erudition, is a full subsidiary of the IIUM Holdings Sdn Bhd. IIC purports or serves to educate, train and impart noble values to young men and women who aspire, who wish, who hope to be the next generation of professionals and leaders.

The primary objective is to educate and train young men and women to become excellent professionals so that they will be sufficiently equipped with Islamic knowledge and skills through carefully designed programs offered at this college. In pursuit of this objective, we have made it mandatory that all IIC students, without exception, attend co-curriculum, programs comprising of Usrah, Ibadah Camp, motivation & leadership talks and others.

IIC has taken a leaf from the IIUM in matters pertaining to the style and approach to manage a higher learning institution. We believe that IIUM serves as a model of success and excellence, which is worthy of emulation.

Ever since its inauguration, IIC has witnessed immense, noteworthy, remarkable growth. From a small-romantic--coloured building in Jalan Gombak to the currently larger, strong, vibrantly-coloured campus in Taman Batu Muda, IIC provides a diversity, miscellany environment for students irregardless of their age, colour or even race or country. In spite of the 'Islamic' labeling, IIC has now more non-Muslims students, local and international alike registering for the various courses offered, whom are able to blend in and mix very well with their Muslim friends and colleagues.

IIC's unique, distinctive educational methods of inter-twining both the revealed knowledge and acquired knowledge complements the very much-needed edification or education for the students so that they are able to stick to their guns, to have a firm stand, stance and belief in the pursuit of success in spite of challenges or obstacles; thus making it an educational-business thriving institution.



24th November 2014
Academic Calendar For Semester II, 2014/2015.
24th October 2014
Course Bulletin For Semester II, 2014/2015.
20th October 2014
[ATTENTION TO ALL STUDENTS] Online Registration For Semester II, 2014/2015 Is Postponed To The Following Dates: 27/10/2014 - 9/11/2014.
2nd October 2014
End-Of-Semester Examination Schedule For Semester I, 2014/2015.
2nd October 2014
Federation University (Ballarat) End-Of-Semester Examination Schedule For Semester III, 2013/2014.
23rd September 2014
Academic Calendar For Teesside Semester 1, 2014/2015.
12th September 2014
Important: Online Registration Notice To All Students.
23rd July 2014
Dear students, please be informed that starting from this semester, students may print out the result through CMS. ACAD will no longer print out the result and mail to the student's permanent address. Any matters related to the result's certified true copy, students may proceed to the ACAD. Please take note. Thank you.
23rd July 2014
Academic Calendar For Bachelor In Business (Entrepreneurship), Federation University Australia, Semester III, 2013/2014.

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