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Ahlan Wa Sahlan Marhaban Bikum,

Welcome to IIC, whether you are a first semester freshman, or a prospective student, let me first welcome you to our website and hope the information provided will assist you endeavor your journey with us in IIC.

Many college and universities speak of excellence today. At IIC, we emphasize excellence in many ways and forms. We do so in a way that we believe is richer and deeper than most of other colleges and universities. We are interested in shaping students not just toward intellectual excellence but also in spiritual excellence in isolation, but in all of the ways that matter to us as human beings.

During your time at IIC, you will become stronger in intellectual, social, moral, physical and spiritual ways. All of these aspects of your character matters to us. In IIC, we balance all of these towards the end of achieving our mission "to educate men and women for worldwide leadership with strong Islamic principles and service within a caring community. You are entering into an exciting and challenging conversation, and we need your help to achieve our aims.

There are three points worth considering as your transition to life as IIC student or consider making IIC as your home. First, you should prepare yourself to be transformed. Second, I want you to realize that teaching is a cooperative art and not a productive one. Third, I want you to recognize that character is the most important and enduring gift that you will take with you from IIC.

I hope we at IIC will inspire you to think. I hope we inspire you to work. I hope we inspire you to pray. And I hope we inspire you to fly. And, as II students, I hope you can fly with a certain kind of character, a character befitting as IIC student. And to sure to keep in mind that the flight we teach at IIC has a destination beyond this life that is Akhirat as well.

I want to welcome you once again to IIC. May we put a path before you that transform you, that inspires you, and that shapes you into the kind of person ALLAH wants you to become.

Nor Suhana Abd Rahman Sateri
Centre for Foundation Studies
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