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International Islamic College (IIC) is one of the private higher education institutions in Malaysia. As a subsidiary wholly owned by the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), IIC draws inspiration from IIUM's vision and mission to become an educational institution concerned with comprehensive excellence which encompasses academic quality as well as spiritual piety. It aspires to educate young men and women to reach their full potentials and help them achieve their dreams in life. With emphasis on inculcation of values in its teaching and learning activities, the college envisages that its graduates would bring positive impact to the society through their contributions in various aspects of societal development.

IIC has grown significantly since its establishment in year 2000. Now, with more than 11,000 alumni, the college is currently a 'home' to 4,200 students studying for certificates, diplomas and degrees in its vibrant campus in the Batu district of Kuala Lumpur.

IIC is now equipped with modern facilities and has employed qualified and professional workforce to ensure that it may provide quality education to its students. IIC's diversity is visible through a mix of multi-cultural workforce and through the enrolment of international students. Although they hail from various backgrounds, they are able to adapt seamlessly with their new surroundings and in the spirit of openness in Islam, IIC has an increasing population of non-Muslim students, local and international alike.

IIC's distinctive educational methods of interlinking the revealed and acquired knowledge provide the students with the much-needed educational grounding that trains them to be professionally competent and morally committed.

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