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The Tan Sri Dato' Seri Sanusi Junid Library provides resources, services and other related facilities to meet the learning, teaching and research needs of students and staff of the IIC. Efforts to develop the library collection have been made to achieve 60,000 collections of titles in the library and this is the main aim of planning of the library. The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification Scheme to organize its collections.

To assist academicians to get sources of references in IIC, the library purchases books, serials journals and Islamic collections. The library provides the collections in the form of printable collections to develop the facilities in the library to make it as one of the world-class place of reference, which collects a wide range of knowledge with quality reference in various languages. Staffs and students are qualified to borrow library items and reservation can be made at the circulation counter.

Services offered by the library include borrowing privileges to its members, information searching skills, internet facilities and reference. Other facilities that are also offered are the reading areas and individual study carrels. The library can be considered as a multi-use library which offers a wide variety of services for meeting users and demand. The services provided include as below:-

Assistance and Advice

Circulation Service

Borrowing and Returning

Discussion Room


Reading Areas

Newspaper Reading Areas

Carrels Tables

Japanese Tables

Audio Visual Room

Photocopy & Printing

Internet Services

Test Bank *Please refer to our Library Assistant

We also provide various silent indoor games like chess, checker and vocable which can help the students to release stress after attending their academic lectures. The library is now an unwired area thus, students are allowed to bring in their laptops and able to surf the net in the library.

Starting from 18th September 2006, students are allowed to borrow books from our Library. Hence, all students are required to fill up and submit the Biodata Form and a passport-size photograph to the library.

Library Operating Hours

During Semester
Monday & Friday 8:00a.m - 6:00p.m
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:00a.m - 7:00p.m
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday Closed

Semester Break
Monday - Friday 8:00a.m - 6:00p.m
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday Closed

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