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Foundation in Arts
*KPM/JPS(N/010/3/0156)06/18 **MQA/FA2856

Certificate in Business Administration
*KPM/JPS(R2/340/3/0658)08/21 **MQA/FA2224
Certificate in Early Childhood Education
*KPM/JPS(N/143/3/0058)06/18 **MQA/FA2204
Certificate in Enforcement Management
*KPM/JPS(N/861/3/0005)05/18 **MQA/FA2205
Certificate in English
*KPM/JPS(N/224/3/0028)06/18 **MQA/FA2203
Certificate in Information Technology
*KPM/JPS(R2/481/3/0748)08/21 **MQA/FA2223

Diploma in Accounting
*KPM/JPS(R/344/4/0354)01/20 **A11089
Diploma in Business Administration
*KPM/JPS(R3/345/4/0910)08/21 **MQA/FA2238
Diploma in Computer Science
*KPM/JPS(R3/481/4/0746)08/21 **MQA/FA2240
Diploma in Contemporary Islamic Sciences
*KPM/JPS(R/221/4/0056)05/18 **A8693
Diploma in Creative Animation
*KPM/JPS(N/213/4/0047)11/16 **MQA/FA0651
Diploma in Enforcement Management
*KPM/JPS(N/861/4/0008)08/19 **MQA/PA2686
Diploma in Graphic Design
*KPM/JPS(N/214/4/0061)05/18 **MQA/PA1898
Diploma in Halal Industry Management
*KPM/JPS(N/345/4/1018)03/22 **MQA/PA8797
Diploma in Information Technology
*KPM/JPS(R3/481/4/0747)08/21 **MQA/FA2239
Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance
*KPM/JPS(N/343/4/0023)11/16 **MQA/FA0649
Diploma in Islamic Early Childhood Education
*KPM/JPS(R/143/4/0094)02/20 **A11184
Diploma in Marketing Management
*KPM/JPS(N/342/4/0030)11/16 **MQA/FA0650
Diploma in Office Management & Secretaryship
*KPM/JPS(R/346/4/0012)02/18 **A8692
Diploma in Risk Management
*KPM/JPS (N/345/4/0398)08/18 **MQA/PA3069

Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) 3+0 in collaboration with Federation University, Australia
*KPM/JPS(N/340/6/0260)06/18 **MQA/FA2397
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 3+0 in collaboration with Federation University, Australia
*KPM/JPS(N/344/6/0177)08/18 **MQA/PA2399
BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies (International) 3+0 in collaboration with Teesside University, United Kingdom
*KPM/JPS(N/143/6/0059)05/18 *MQA/FA2749*

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