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  Welcome To IIC
The International Islamic College (IIC) was established in 2001 as a garden of knowledge in accordance with its primary objective of moulding and shaping global all-rounded professionals. The college has endeavoured to be the best alternative for those who seek knowledge and professionalism. IIC imparts noble values to students, incorporated in academic and administrative system of the college.
College Profile
Over the past of thirteen years, IIC has emerged and established itself as a highly marketable brand in its own right. IIC perpetuates and emulates the high standards of IIUM in providing high quality education to students through its School of Management, School of Social Sciences, School of Information and Communication Technology, Centre for Languages and Centre for Foundation Studies. IIC's Foundation in Arts programme provides students with a quality pre-university qualification equivalent of A-Level qualification. Students will be taught with wide range of knowledge and skills to better prepare students for the requirements of undergraduate studies.
  Studying At IIC
All IIC diploma and certificate programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA - previously known as Lembaga Akreditasi Negara - LAN) and recognized by the Public Services Department of Malaysia (JPA). As such, IIC graduates will have the opportunity to further their studies at IPTAs and other universities abroad, or work in government or private sectors.
English Language As Lingua Franca
English is the official medium of instruction in IIC as it is predominantly the medium of international business and academic discourse. Thus competency in English is given the highest priority. IIC believes that by adopting English language as the lingua franca, the students' career prospects and employment opportunities can vastly increase globally.
  Succeed Globally With IIC Frontier
Over the years, IIC has been establishing its name for offering students an education of the highest quality and aspires to be a world-class education institution for the advancement of the ummah. Within this perspective, IIC is tying itself with other universities globally namely the Federation University of Australia (FedUni) and Teesside University, United Kingdom for academic collaborations. This provides the students the necessary platforms that will open pathways of opportunities for professional career and educational progression on doctoral level. The college recognizes that education with an international linkage is necessary to provide students with the knowledge and skills for career growth in a competitive labour market.
Our Graduates
Almost 60% of our recent alumni went on to rewarding careers in many different areas, and a significant number chose to further their studies at IPTA and universities abroad. Due to their exceptional grasp of interdisciplinary knowledge that they have amassed, our graduates have been employed by well-established business and services sector in Malaysia and abroad. This is a testament that IIC's is able and committed in producing well rounded employable graduates within the growing economy.
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