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"To be a centre of Islamic educational excellence producing dynamic and progressive professionals."

"To be an institution providing comprehensive and integrated education in order to produce skillful human resources with a well-balanced personality for the betterment of the Muslim ummah and the global community."

"Comprehensive and integrated education to produce holistic personalities equipped with excellent intellectual, physical and emotional attributes towards delivering educated, valuable and skilful human resources for the betterment of Islam, the community and country."

Commitment to Islamic Values.
Commitment to Quality.
Commitment to Life Long Learning.
Commitment to Customer Oriented Service.
Commitment to Teamwork.
Commitment to Creativity.
Commitment to the core values of Courage, Discipline, Trustworthy, Diligence and Loyalty.

To be an educational center that produces quality human resources for the Ummah.
To be an ideal partner of International Islamic University.
To be an educational and tarbiyyah center of world-class.
To be a catalyst in pursuing Malaysia's Vision 2020.

The development of a person based on the principle of Islam.
The cultivation of Islamic values, moral dynamism and discipline to develop individual potential.
The provision of an environment for excellence in learning.
The nourishment of a new generation of Muslims committed to the development of the Muslim umrah.
The development of highly educated Muslims, for whom Islam is complete way of life and who would strive to fulfill the roles as Allah's vicegerents on earth.
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