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Opening hours

The Library is temporarily closed due to Movement Control Order (MCO)


Achieve 60,000 collections of titles in the library


One of the benefits are students able to use the IIUM library facilities based on the terms and condition. 


Library Rules, Regulations and Policies

Opening hours

Become member

  • Fill-up the REGISTRATION FORM at the counter or this Biodata Form.
  • One (1) barcode to be placed at the matric card after the registration.
  • Only students with a permanent matric card can use the library services.
  • Request unavailable book in the library by filling up this Acquisition Form.


The Library is temporarily closed due to Movement Control Order (MCO)

Moday – Thursday : 8.30 am – 5.30 pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday : CLOSED

Public Holiday : CLOSED

TSDSSJ library

The collections cover various subjects been offered at IIC such as Business, Management, Information Technology, Hospitality, Education, English Language, and many more. The electronic collections from u-Pustaka include e-books, e-magazines, and e-journals. Users may retrieve electronic materials through u-Pustaka online databases.

TSDSSJ library collection have been made to achieve 60,000 collections of titles in the library and this is the main aim of planning of the library. Users may search the printed materials from the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Open resources U-PUSTAKA


The u-Pustaka Portal provides u-Pustaka Members with efficient, integrated, seamless, “anytime, anywhere” access for content and services in two languages viz Bahasa Melayu and English.

How to access Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia:

  • You must have a VALID and ACTIVE email account when you sign up.
  • Please ensure that Pop-up Blocker is disabled. u-Pustaka portal will pop-up a new window to Membership Sign-Up Form. Click here
  • If you are still not able to view the Membership Sign-Up Form, press the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and click on the Register Now button


assorted-title book lot
Open Shelf COllection

All collections can be borrowed by library members. The Open Shelf Collections are related to the courses taught in the IIC.
However, there are also fiction and light reading materials.

books in shelf
Red & Yellow spot collection

The items serve as references for reading materials only.


This collection refers to journals, leisure reading magazines, local newspapers, etc. All materials are non-circulating.

MacBook Pro near white open book

A collection of past examination papers are available for reference in PDF format. Users may access previous exam papers at the library computer lab or request at the library circulation counter.

close view of The Compact Encyclopedia collection

Materials in this collection are non-circulating. They serve as reference tools and consist of encyclopedias,dictionaries, magazine compilations, acts, company annual reports, etc

iMac Mac OS X Install Disc 1 and 2 on table

This collection includes audio and video (VCD, DVD, and CD).


The TSDSSJ Library that provides resources, services, and other related facilities include the discussion room, carrel desk, reading area, looker and etc to meet the learning, teaching, and research. IIC student’s also are allowed to use the International Islamic University Malaysia Library (IIUM) facilities  based on the terms and condition. 

brown wooden book shelf with books
  • Only registered students with a valid matric card are allowed to borrow the books and library facilities.
  • Borrowers need to bring their matric card to use library facilities.
  • Do not borrow on behalf of other students.
  • Third-party is not allowed to return the book(s) on behalf of the student.
  • Fine for an overdue book is rm0.50 per day/per book charged to the student who fails to return the books on time.
  • Borrowers must report lost books immediately at the circulation counter.
  • Borrowers can borrow a maximum of four (4) books at one (1) time for two (2) weeks.
Activity room
  • Reservation should be made at the Information counter.
  • A minimum of 10 and maximum 40 users using the activity room.
  • Always keep the door closed.
  • Eating, drinking, sleeping, using mobile phones, shouting, and playing are strictly prohibited.
  • Librarian has the authority to bar any students from using the library facilities for any infringement of the Library Policies, Rules, and Regulations.
  • Reservation should be made at the Information counter with a maximum of 1-hour time usage.
  • A minimum of three (3) students using the discussion room.
  • An extension could be made 30 minutes before the end of the current reservation if no reservation follows.
  • Always keep the door closed.
  • Eating, drinking, sleeping, using mobile phones, shouting, and playing are strictly prohibited.
  • Librarian has the authority to bar any students from using the library facilities for any infringement of the Library Policies, Rules, and Regulations
computer lab

  • • This facility is open for the International Islamic College community.
  • Strictly no surfing pornography site. The student will be banned from using the computer facilities and will be reported to the disciplinary board.
  • Strictly no business chatting is allowed.
  • Please use your hard disk or thumb drive to save your file. User is not allowed to save file in the computer.
  • One (1) pc can be used for one (1) user at one time only.
  • The student is responsible for any damage to the computer.
  • Student needs to present their matric card to take the locker key at the circulation counter.
  • The locker is for daily use only.
  • The key should be returned before or at 5.30 pm.
  • The student who did not return the key will be fined with a charge of RM10 per day.
  • Students are not allowed to borrow the key on behalf of others.
  • Students must return the key to the librarian by themselves (third party are not allowed to do so on behalf of the borrowers).
  • Students will be fined with RM 20 for any loss of the key.
  • Students are not allowed to bring or place any food items, dangerous or illegal items, and valuables stuff into the locker.

The Inter-library Loan service is open to Staff and lecturer only.
How to borrow books and obtain articles from IIUM Library:

  • Request the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) form from the librarian.
  • Complete the ILL form with the complete title, author, etc
  • Email the form to the librarian.
  • Librarian will collect the books when received notification from the IIUM Library.
  • Return the books before the due dates.